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Coping Skills Coloring Sheet

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Today, I want to share with you a coping skill coloring sheet. In this coloring sheet, you will find 21 coping skills for anxiety and depression. This can be used with children, teenagers, or adults. In the following paragraph, you will find how to implement these coping skills. Once you've done the coping skill, color it on the sheet. When you've done all of them, your sheet will be completed with color! Enjoy :)


  1. Listen to the rain. of the most relaxing sound for me. When done with mindfulness, noticing the sound, it helps you live in the present moment.

  2. Take care of plants. This is a good practice, allowing you to pour your love and patience to nurture your plants. When needed, remind yourself to treat yourself with the same kind of love and patience.

  3. Listen to guided meditation. There are so many good resources out there on Youtube and different Apps. Feel free to try some out and enjoy the guided meditation.

  4. Observe the clouds. The clouds can be so magical when you use your imagination. With mindfulness, you can simply observe and describe the clouds you are seeing.

  5. Journaling/write down your thoughts. Don't keep everything in your head, thinking them over and over again. Release them, and put them down in your journal or notebook. You might be able to feel better, or read them later and gain insights.

  6. Eat something good. If you are hungry, you would not feel good. You need to fuel your body with good nutrition. Fix something good for you to eat.

  7. Blow bubbles. This can be a fun activity. You can incorporate with the mindfulness idea again and watch the bubbles that you blow.

  8. Put your hand over your heart and receive love and kindness. Feel the warmth from your head and practice receiving love. You deserve it.

  9. Give yourself a butterfly hug and gently tap one side at a time. Do it gently and slowly, as this activity can be very calming.

  10. Watch a glitter jar. Make a glitter jar ahead of time. You can google it on how to make one. When needed, simply shake up the jar, and watch and observe the glitter. This will give you time to precipitate.

  11. Enjoy a hot beverage. Enjoy a cup of war water or a cup of hot tea. It's simply your choice. Noticing the temperature and aroma, and how it goes down to your throat.

  12. Write a letter to yourself. Yan can write a letter to the younger you, yourself now, or the future you. Your younger self may appreciate to know your experience and growth over the years, and your future self might appreciate the heads up! Or simply write to yourself now as you would to a friend, who needs that support and comfort.

  13. The grounding technique. Name 5 things you can see, 4 things you can feel, 3 things you can hear. 2 things you can smell. 1 thing you can taste.

  14. Take a slow deep breath. Bring the oxygen to your body. Breath in and out slowly and gently.

  15. Take a bath or shower. The tactile stimulation from the water, the temperature, and just the overall experience may help you feel better and fresh.

  16. Sit with the difficult feelings and know they will pass. The feelings are difficult and hard, but they won't last forever. Practicing sitting with the difficult feelings while holding yourself with compassion.

  17. Listen to music. Create a playlist a head of time. Lots of smart device now have playlists created for you to choose to.

  18. Smell something pleasant. Aroma therapy.

  19. Hug a stuff animal. 20 minutes of hug will create oxytocin.

  20. Ride a bike or take a walk. The natural bilateral stimulation of walk and bike can help us feel better.

  21. Go outside. Just the change of scenery, a different stimulation for your brain, some fresh air, could invite new perspectives.


Coping Skills Coloring Sheet
Download PDF • 330KB

Hi, my name is "Jane" I-Chen Liu, MA.LMHC, who created this worksheet and this blog for you. If you are seeking mental health therapy, please feel free to contact me at or visit me at

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